Water and Sanitation

Arsenic testing and mitigation

LEADERS Nepal is working towards clean drinking water, sanitation and hand washing promotion. To ensure citizens rights to clean and safe drinking water, since 2002, it is engaged in arsenic testing in tube wells, dissemination of test results, distribution of bio-sand filters, installation of new tubewells in arsenic free aquifer and supply of drinking water from gravity flow systems in households affected by arsenic, and documentation of health outcomes related to arsenic poisonings in four arsenic-affected districts: Saptari, Nawalprasi, Rupandehi and Kapilbastu of Nepal. This program has been supported by Environmental Justice and Equity Program of the Ford Foundation, Global Environmental Action, Japan, and UNICEF.

LEADERS Nepal is one of the partners of UNICEF and the Department of Water Supply and Sanitation (DWSS) in blanket arsenic testing program. Under this campaign, about 80,000 tube wells have already been tested for arsenic in four arsenic affected districts.

Since 2004 LEADERS Nepal is also serving as a member of the National Steering Committee on Safe Drinking Water.