About Us

LEADERS Nepal (Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research) was initially registered as a private research company under the Department of Industries in the year 1987 (as LEADERS Inc.). However, realizing its role in broader perspective and so as to conduct and carryout more down to earth programs, in the year 1991, it was registered as Non-Government and Not for Profit Making Organization (NGO) under the Society Registration Act 2034, at Kathmandu District and affiliated with Social Welfare Council. The registration number of LEADERS Nepal is 324/047/048. Beside this LEADERS has its own Federal Wide Assurance Number (FWA 00021140), IRB (Internal Review Board), Permanent Account Number and it has got tax exemption certificate from Government of Nepal.

It is member of worldwide environmental agencies such as Global Environmental Facilities (GEF), Global Environmental Action (GEA), Japan, Asia Pacific Water Forum, South Asia Network on Economic Development, Clean Energy Forum, Japan Energy for All Initiatives / ADB, SICAM/ UNEP and South Asia Watch on Trade and Environment.

Vision, Mission, Goal and Objectives of LEADERS

Vision: To provide positive contribution for sustainable development in Nepal by providing technical services as well as research and development programs.

Mission: LEADERS Nepal is devoted to; promote the cause of environment and legal awareness, conduct action and researches program and plead the cases related to environment protection, human right and social justice issues at policy and grass root level.

Goal: To develop common platform to address problems related basic human rights, livelihood, awareness and environment for social equity.


  1. To make all possible efforts for enhancement of human rights and livelihood of poor and marginalized people.
  2. To protect and conserve nature, natural resources and heritage.
  3. To assess environmental quality; its present status and future consequences and legal framework.
  4. To generate mass consciousness through different awareness activities/programs.
  5. To conduct research in different fields of human right, livelihood and environment.