LEADERS Nepal (Society for Legal and Environmental Analysis and Development Research) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to address the problems related to basic human rights, livelihood,nature and natural resources, environment and health in Nepal. It was established in 1990. It works in partnership with Universities, INGOs (International Non Governmental Organizations) and NGOs (Non Governmental Organizations). Its involvement range from conducting: research, training, workshops, seminars and mass awareness campaign.It is providing air quality and occupational exposure monitoring survives to concern stakeholders with latest equipment in proper price.

There are five major focus areas that we are engaged in:

Human Rights and livelihood

LEADERS Nepal is working in the field of human rights and livelihood issues since its establishment. The basic objectives of this program are: to generate awareness on human rights and livelihood issues; identify the victims of decade long conflict in Nepal, access their level of sufferings…

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The focuses of environment programs are to develop concern and awareness about the major environmental problems in Nepal, and work collectively towards its solutions. Leaders Nepal is working in three thematic areas under the environment program.

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Water and Sanitation

LEADERS Nepal is working towards clean drinking water, sanitation and hand washing promotion. To ensure citizens rights to clean and safe drinking water, since 2002, it is engaged in arsenic testing in tube wells, dissemination of test results, distribution of bio-sand filters,…

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Alternative Technologies, Renewable and Household Energy and Climate Change

Nepal’s climate records show that temperature has increased dramatically in the upland regions. Rising of average temperatures in the higher elevation have already caused a retreat of glaciers in the Himalayas. Although Nepal’s share of green house gases…

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Local Risk, Response and Resilience Planning

Nepal is facing a multiple challenges: sustainable development; human security; climate change and local environmental degradation; population ageing, growth, migration and displacement; political and economic instabilities; obesity; increasing…

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