Protection of Poor and Marginal Communities form Arsenic Contamination in Their Drinking Water [ 2002-2006 ]

Under this program, level of arsenic and presence of E.coli in 150,000 tube wells were tested in Saptari, Nawalprasi, Rupandehi and Kapilbastu districts. This was followed by distribution of 75,000 awareness materials relating to arsenic poisoning and prevention strategies. LEADERS Nepal also installed 110 new tube wells in arsenic safe aquifer in public places in these districts. It provided safe drinking water to schools in Devdaha VDC by laying out 17 kilometer pipeline from the arsenic free reservoir to schools. Similarly, it established district level arsenic testing and information centers in four districts, which distributed 5,000 bio-sand arsenic filters.

Support: The Ford Foundation and Global Environmental Action, Japan