Promoting Accountability and Responsibility for Peaceful Society [2003 – 2004]

Nepal has a diverse array of ethnic, caste, linguistic and religious communities. Multiple interests, voices and differences at the local level often results into the violent conflict in Nepal. Thus, how to deal with differences in the community to reduce conflict has remained a serious challenge. In order to understand and recognize the differences; increase understanding among different ethnic, caste, linguistic and religious and cultural groups; and identify functional partnership between conflict victims, government agencies, NGOs and INGOs;  LEADERS Nepal launched this project in Saptari and Udaypur districts. From its field work and multiple interactions in community with all stakeholders, LEADERS Nepal has established effective dispute resolution mechanisms to manage conflict at the community level. The findings of this action-research have been submitted to the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Support: United Nations Development Program, (UNDP)