Lead level alarmingly high among children

KATHMANDU, Nepal– Do your children always live in the house where inverter battery is placed? If so, you should place the battery far from the presence or access of the kids who are always fond of moving near the light.

Now it is a high time for the parents to be aware of their kids as a fresh research showed blood lead level is alarmingly high among children in the capital Kathmandu. The study that is conducted in children less than two years of age in urban areas found that blood lead level in children was 45 micrograms per deciliter– nine times more than the safe level.

Conducted by Kathmandu based an NGO, it also aims to measure indoor levels of lead in urban homes in the Kathmandu Valley and the blood lead level among children residing in homes with lead-based paint and lead acid batteries. The blood lead level in children was measured by using Anodic Stripping Voltammetry technique.

The research conducted in partnership with Siddhi Memorial Hospital was supported by  United Nation Environment Project (UNEP).