Kamaiya (Bonded labor) Case Study in Western Part of Nepal [1994-96]

Kamaiya, previously considered as an agricultural labor turned to highly dominated servant is a part and parcel of the community not only for the agricultural activities but also for the household activities in western part of Nepal. They were highly neglected by society and were sometimes exploited by the landlord. Hence to free Kamaiya from socio-economic exploitation, this project was undertaken in two far-western districts: Kailali and Kanchanpur. The objectives of this project were: to make Kamaiyas aware about existing laws and policies that prohibit exploitation, campaign against Kamaiya practice and impart income generation skills to Kamaiyas so that they could lead decent and independent life.

After vigorous effort and campaign of LEADERS Nepal and other NGOs, Kamaiya system was abolished from Nepal in year 2000.

Support: USAID/Kathmandu.