Environmental Law and Policies Training for Members of Local Government and NGOs [1998-1999]

Three-day training cum seminar on Environmental Law and Policies were organized for members of local government and NGOs in three development regions of Nepal. The objectives of the program were to increase environmental and legal awareness and assist participants to acquire information on legal rights and responsibilities with respect to environment so that they could implement new environmental laws and policies at local levels effectively.

The first training seminar was conducted in Nepalgunj Municipality on 12-14 February 1998. The second seminar was held in Palpa Municipality on 8-10 April 1998 and the third seminar was held in Dharan Municipality on 26-28 June 1998. Altogether elected representatives of 12 District Development Committees, 17 Municipalities, and representatives of 12 NGOs had benefitted from the training seminars.