Drinking Water Treatment Techniques, Sanitation and Hand Washing Practices for Flood victims [2006-2007]

This project was implemented to promote safe drinking water and sanitation in flood-affected areas of Saptari, Rupandehi and Nawalprasi districts in 2006-2007. LEADERS Nepal along with DWSS (Department of Water Supply and Sanitation) and UNICEF provided 600 bottles of water-guard (240 ml), 2,600 bottles of chlorine (Pius-60 ml) and 1,900 pieces Life Boy soap (70g) to 12,541 people from 1900 families. Similarly it constructed 25 toilets and provided 150 arsenic removal filters to 150 families. Besides these activities, a set of health and sanitation relief materials were provided to 1,252 displaced families who were sheltering in the Bus Park and other public places after a month of flood. These relief materials contained hygiene kits, chlorination solutions, 10 and 20 liter buckets with covers, plastic mugs and toilet soaps.

Support: Department of Water Supply and Sanitation and UNICEF/Kathmandu