Air pollution and Acid Rain Monitoring [1997- ]: Clean Air Campaign

Air pollution and acid rain monitoring study in Kathmandu valley was started on 6 January 1997. This study was jointly carried out with the scientists from Japan Acid Rain Monitoring Network (JARN). Later, form June 1997, LEADERS Nepal started regular monitoring of air quality in Kathmandu and further extended monitoring activities to other cities: Biratanagar, Pokhara and Nepalguanj. The air pollution monitoring activities included:

  • Monthly monitoring and reporting of PM10 at thirteen different spots in Kathmandu, and annual reporting of PM10 in other cities.
  • Twenty-four hour average reporting of PM10 in Putalisadak of Kathmandu.
  •    Twenty-four hour average analysis of NOx gas using passive sampler at thirteen different spots in Kathmandu.
  • Regular monitoring of rainwater pH and conductivity in Kathmandu valley.

As result of this campaign, in 2002, government of Nepal established six permanent monitoring stations in Kathmandu, one of which is located in Putalisadak–an air pollution monitoring station of LEADERS Nepal.